Saturday, October 27, 2007


One of the finest moments in life is when you get to see your own child brought into this world. Well, maybe not the miracle of birth itself. In a lot of ways the birthing process is really, well, quite disgusting, but miraculous none the less. But the moment you first hold that son or that daughter in your arms all the pain, agony, or difficulty to that point washes away and you know it was all worth it. Not that I, as the husband, had to go through that much to get there. But c'mon, it's not like we fathers have an easy road in preparation for a new little one that comes into the family. We take on more responsibility from the wife, hoping to allow her a little more time off her feet. We are left alone more often as the wife spends time resting, allowing her body to use the energy to create that miracle inside her. We get to hear complaints about body size that we don't dare respond to, one way or the other, for fear of retribution or emotional outbursts. We often take on more financial responsibility that will last a lifetime. Not only do we need to provide for hospital, doctor, and other medical payments, but the little one that was born will need to be fed and given opportunities to grow and learn. That often comes at a price at which I need to prepare for. It seems that too often the women get the bulk of compassion, and probably rightly so, but the husband doesn't necessarily have a peachy role either.

But I digress. In essence, it is tough for the preparation of a new family member by both sexes. The husband just doesn't get much credit. Not, at least, until he holds his new infant son or daughter. Then all the sweat, tears, and worries are paid in full. And then some.

But are there other moments in life that you are paid through diligence? Of course there are, there is no doubt. And that is what I am using this blog for. I am in the search for diligence on something that I struggled with over the last 7 years. I have slowly gained 100 pounds. There may have been times that it wasn't that slow. It would appear that about 55 pounds have come in the last three years since I took on my new job. I used to park the car at the bottom of Old Main Hill to get a good climb and walk to class everyday. Since graduation, I get a good drive to and from work and not much else. I often get home and have to take care of other cares including family, home, church, and civic responsibilities which are all good, but leaves me with little time and motivation to do something active. But that is exactly what I need to have - success in the area of life that makes you feel like you can do anything. Being overweight breeds more unwanted pounds as each ounce I gain makes it that much more difficult to get off my duff to exercise.

Therefore, after trying many times to take off the weight, I am going full force. As part of the full court press that I am using is including friends and loved ones to keep up on me and keep me honest. By telling people of my goal, they can help me accomplish that which I desire. I have already told coworkers of my desire, my church companions, my spouse, and my family. I hope you all will all assist me. I will give specific directions later but I want to thank any extra time you may spend on my behalf for encouraging me, motivating me, nagging me, etc. Thank you, it is much appreciated more than you can know.

With that, starting November 1, 2007 I am going on a crusade to lose 100 pounds, hopefully within a year, but my specific goals will be shared on a later post. After my goals are attained, I will change them up, but will have goals throughout my life in this area as it has proven a difficult thing for me for many, many years.

Again, thanks for the time you may use to help me.

aka Fred


darcey said...

I'm taking a Health & Wellness Sunday School class and today we were talking about how being out of shape can cause us to be less in tune with the Spirit. Which I hadn't really thought of before, but in some ways it's true.

Anyway I thought I should share my recipe for SuperDessert! It's tasty and filling, not sure if you like cottage cheese but I don't like it plain so this is much better.

3 oz. fat free yogurt (about ½ a carton)
1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
1/4 cup crushed pineapple
Mix and eat! It has:

170 calories
0 fat (if you use the fat-free products)
17g protein
30% calcium
20% vitamin C
15% vitamin A
10% vitamin D
4% fiber

Carrie said...

I'm not sure if it's safe to admit...but I'm actually pretty knowledgeable on healthy eating, working out, etc...Not that I'm the only one, but due to past and present experiences (good and not so good) this has taken over a very large portion of my life. So although I know you probably understand that between a lean turkey sandwich and a Big Mac, that the turkey lurkey on that whole wheat is the better of the two - feel free to ask questions or advice anyway. My favorite when I feel like snacking just cause I'm bored are baby carrots. Especially if you are stress eating because the crunching is somewhat therapeutic. I also really like snacking on salsa with lettuce leaves instead of chips because you get lots of good for you veggies and no fried foods and empty calories. You could also use lettuce leaves as wraps instead of tortillas, using lean meat and salsa instead of dressing. Reduced fat wheat thins or triscuit crackers with cottage cheese has become a favorite, even though I can't eat that chunky cheese all by itself. It actually tastes like cheese and crackers but with no fat and lots and lots of protein and calcium, and you need to eat a lot of that protein to lose fat and build muscle.

Again, you probably knew all of this. But just some ideas cause we are related, and I do a lot of mindless snacking, so I try to find ways in which I still can graze through the day but get some healthy foods in there and not load up on empty calories - or too many at that. Keep it up, you can do it!

Matt said...

Ok it looks like you've got a lot of advice already about food, I'll give you a goal for this week, how about that. You won't have to go to the gym and spend hours, but this will be something I think you'll enjoy. Go to the park, playground or some place like that at least three times this week with Dallin and Emma and play with them. You'll create great memories, help your children learn fitness while they're young and I know Emma is a great weight lifting weight. I remember she'd wear both me and Christy out in one visit. I think this type of excercise will be a good way to get you motivated. Good Luck big bro!!!

Matt said...

Oh yeah You need to put your starting pic up, so as you shed those pounds we can see and congradulate you on your progress.